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We're building a platform that changes the way we navigate the world.

Exploring the world through the lens of your friends

What We're Doing

We’re building a discovery platform for travel that maps where your friends have been and what they recommend, so that you can search any city in the world and instantly find the best insider tips—hotels, restaurants, activities, transportation, you name it—from people you know and trust.


Search the map and check out other travelers' profiles to discover new places you'll love.


Save cities and recommendations that catch your eye to personal bucket lists, so that you spend your time and money on the BEST experiences for you.


Add your own recommendations to keep track of where you've been and and to keep your travel stats up to date.


Include helpful details and hidden gems to inspire and equip your friends to follow in your footsteps

Instantly Discover More Places You’ll Love

We’re creating a discovery platform for travel that maps where your friends have been and what they loved AND makes it easy to keep track of where you’ve been and where you want to go.

Hear What Other's
Have to Say

“I love Flaire because it allows me to see everywhere I've been, give and receive personal recommendations, and plan out my future trips. Additionally, its user experience is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.”
Nathan Vance
“When I came abroad, I had a massive list of countries I knew I wanted to visit. I quickly learned that planning weekend trips was overwhelming and not as easy as I expected, especially when traveling to places I had never been before. I love Flaire because now I get to compose my list of favorite finds while abroad and share them with my friends to help them plan the perfect trip!”
Caroline Trukenbrod
“I love the Flaire platform! It has really changed how I look at travel; both reminiscing, and looking to the future. Finding new places to explore is more exciting than ever!"
Julia Barron

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